2019 High Rise Operations Conference


Dates: December 10-12, 2019

Investment: $550 

The following is a list of topics that will be covered at HROC 2019. All New Lectures this year and additional Speakers.

Location: Hilton – Pensacola Beach, Florida

Free Shuttle from Pensacola Airport to the Hilton. Shuttles will run 12/9 from 8am to 8pm and 12/13 from 4am to 5pm.
Free Beer every night and discounts on food.
Hotel discount code coming soon!

Topics Covered:
  1. Command & Control of High-Rise Fires
  2. Size Up and Deployment at High-Rise Fires
  3. Understanding and Utilizing Built in Fire Protection Systems
  4. Understanding and Utilizing Alarm/Control Room
  5. Elevator Operations and Rescues
  6. PRVs and Everything that they involve.
  7. Search and Rescue at High-Rise Fires
  8. Forcible Entry in a Smoke Filled hallway
  9. Smoke and Fire Control
  11. Open Balcony vs. Enclosed Hallway
  12. Fire Attack and maximizing Standpipe
  13. Attack Line Options
  14. Salvage and Controlling activated sprinklers.
  15. RIT Operations at High-Rises
  16. Standpipe Emergencies


Andrew Brassard
Mike Ciampo
Todd Edwards
Bill Gustin & Team!
Curt Isakson
Rick Kolomay
Tim Klett
Mike Lombardo
Dennis LeGear
Ray McCormack
Jim McCormack
Dave McGrail & Team!
Bob Morris
Ray Orozco
Steve Robertson
Matt Scallan
Kyle Smith
Shannon Stone
Kevin Story
Mike Terpak
Jerry Tracy
And a lot more.

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