Water On The Fire Seminar - Russellville, KY

Water on the Fire Seminar

Instructor: Curt Isakson

Date: October 20, 2018

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Russellville City Fire Department
620 North Main St
Russellville, Kentucky 42276

Investment: $125


This seminar will cover everything Water/Engine Company Operations. 

-Water On The Fire
-Gallons Per Second
-Gallons Per Second Test/ Nozzle Flow Evaluation
-Death On The Nozzle
-Case Studies of Attack Crew LODDs
-The First Three Attack Lines at your Bread & Butter Fires
-When you need a 2nd Line before the first is operating
-Properly Staffing the First Line before stretching a 2nd Line
-Booster Attack and the Booster Back-up Attack for Civilian/Firefighter Safety
-Maximizing the Hydrant and fully understanding the Full Tap

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